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My ENGLISH is very bad, so only some parts of this site have english versions.

Мой английский очень плох, так что только некоторые части сайта имеют английские версии.

This site is a panoptikum, consists from several programming projects, which are now (was) interesting to me:

Asus Video Capture Driver - video capture, using ASUStek's TV-IN/OUT videcards based on NVIDIA's RIVA128/ZX/TNT/TNT2/GFx - extreme cheapest real video

ALGOL-2000 - programming language (probaly) the successor for ALGOL-68

HiNT OS - small, fast, cool RING0 PM operating system

Real Music Player - multi-OS sound file player/recorder

Sound Card Drivers - for use with QuickView Pro and Real Music Player

HiNTs - An Real-Mode UMB Providers - programs for enchance your computer

If you have any suggestions, questions, etc, please E-MAIL me:


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