HiNT OS (formerly Brain OS and Brain DOS Extender )


HiNT OS it's an effort to combine good things from two different worlds - single task, compact, simple and open DOS world (open means unlimited access to hardware) and more power, multi task, but bigger and close WIN32 world. This effort is effort to combine incompatible things and it's doomed by definition, BUT...

HiNT OS can:

  • 1) Execute up to 256 threads (pseudo) simultaneously, which can be organized in 1-64 processes. Thread switching rate - 1024 Hz.

  • 2) Processes can be executed in separated virtual address spaces, but without swapping file on disk yet - it will be added in future versions - see RoadMap

  • 3) Gives possibility to execute "under DOS" very many needed programs, DOS versions for which will never be developed, see Compatibility

  • 4) But in the same time gives possibility to unlimited access to computer resources at privilege level 0.

  • 5) Gives opportunity to fully forget at last RM and PM DOS interfaces when you are working / developing / testing / debugging hardware devices.

    First versions of the system were called Brain OS или Brain DOS extender but when i searched the internet i was found what operating system with such name already exists and it was renamed - for now final name will be: HiNT OS . In the beginning of the work i just want to create DOS extender , which will satisfy my needs , but later i understood what in 21 century DOS is more be death than live and there no big reason to develop program which will be in full accordance with DOS specifications. But it's more important to achieve an maximum possible degree of compatibility with native WIN32 programs. Naturally i'am speaking about console applications in general as thay are have closest user interface to DOS programs. At present HiNT OS still need DOS to provide file operations. You can think about DOS as about one big disk and file system driver. But after some time HiNT OS will be fully independent from DOS - this is one of the goals of development. see RoadMap .

    HiNT OS is owned only by it's author and NEITHER FREEWARE NOR SHAREWARE. But i do understand "specifics" of software market and made next decision:

    Current version 2.67 distributed freely . It can be used and distributed by any way you want. This is fully functional version. But no future development will take place on this freeware version. Any next version will be commercial, but payment fee will be very small. Let's say: i think that program too good to be free. When the time will go commercial version will be development further and further, but freeware not and from certain time differences will be principal, see Frequently Asked Questions .

    If you have any suggestions, questions, etc, please E-MAIL me:


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